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You Won’t Always Be the CEO

April 21, 2017

Since the industrial revolution until fairly recently the workplace has done things a certain way. The hierarchy and structure of the 9 to 5 hasn’t changed drastically, and then all of a sudden, in the age of the Internet, we’re...

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What’s in My Work Bag

+ + January 26, 2017

You may have figured it out by now, but my new job involves commuting. This means spending a lot of time on trains and hauling quite a bit of stuff between Brighton and London. I’ve worked out a schedule so...

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Thoughts During My Commute

January 23, 2017

Can I last an hour and a half without a snack?  It’s so cold.  It’s so hot.  I swear if I don’t get on this train to Brighton that only comes every 40 minutes and someone who’s only going to...

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There’s No Such Thing as a GirlBoss

+ + December 1, 2016

Girlboss. This is a term I’ve seen absolutely everywhere the last few years. It makes sense to see it in the blogging world as bloggers tend to be quite entrepreneurial. We’re all here building our own little empires. Still, it’s...

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The Pros and Cons of Working From Home!

+ July 26, 2016

I’ve been in a new job where I mainly work from home for over a month now. It’s certainly been a big change from office life! I know many people think of working from home as a dream come true,...

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