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Is £1 coffee too good to be true?

+ + April 16, 2017

Short answer: probably. For those of us who frequent the mid-section of Western Road, the appearance of a new coffee shop claiming to have barista-quality coffee for £1 has been intriguing us for months. Indeed, the outside of the shop...

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The Blinky Girl’s Guide to Tubing Mascara

+ March 27, 2017

My eyes are sensitive little snowflakes. They’re always irritated and watering. I blink way more than the average person. And my eyelids themselves are oily and hooded, making eye makeup pretty challenging (plus I wear glasses so you can’t see...

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Spread Your ‘Wingz’

+ + + March 8, 2017

Hi, it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood Not-a-Fashion-Blogger here with a post that talks about clothes. I do love fashion blogs. And I love clothes. But I don’t particularly love my body. That’s a big thing to admit to the Internet....

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I Didn’t Like ‘La La Land’

+ January 17, 2017

Here goes an unpopular opinion post: I didn’t like the film darling of the year, La La Land. I saw it while I was in Canada over Christmas, and while everyone around me seemed to fall in love, I was...

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