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Apple Cafe, Chichester

+ + + March 9, 2016

I have not been the best blogger lately! Have I been busy? Have I been lazy? Well, probably a bit of both, since it seems like I have loads to write about, but haven’t got around to actually posting anything on...

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Amelie & Friends, Chichester

+ + + + February 21, 2016

While, yes, my girlfriend and I did decide to go unconventional for actual Valentine’s Day (see: alpacas), we also spent Saturday exploring Chichester and having a nice meal together. Katy is amazing. I mean, obviously I think that anyway, but...

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Alpaca Walking at Dunreyth

+ + + February 17, 2016

Valentine’s Day. A day to shower your special someone with gifts and affection. Roses? Chocolate? Candlelit dinners? Well, those are alright for some. But not for me and Katy. No, no. My lovely, amazing, hilarious girlfriend arranged our weekend away...

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Marrakechmas: The Medina

+ + January 20, 2016

It is the final installment of Marrakechmas! It’s been a bit drawn out because I’ve been super busy. Mainly with procrastinating on packing for my move, and watching Making a Murderer, but nonetheless. This is just a bit of a...

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