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The Brighton Girl Halloween Party!

+ + November 1, 2016

Halloween is over! But before I shuffle the autumn vibes aside in favour of glitter and festive songs, I thought I’d share some quick snapshots from the Brighton Girl Halloween Party last Saturday. Brighton Girl is a really cool group...

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Poppy the Puppy in a Pumpkin Jumper

+ October 30, 2016

Honestly, is there even a point in owning a small dog if you’re not going to dress them up? We got Poppy this pumpkin jumper from TK Maxx several weeks ago – and it’s already tiny on her! So, I...

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Making a fancy dinner at home!

+ + October 26, 2016

A while back I was sent my choice of recipes from gourmet chefs to try to recreate at home. Katy chose from the list because I am a nice girlfriend. Then she periodically reminded me I said I would make...

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3 Ways to Enjoy Matcha Tea

+ + October 21, 2016

Since I began working from home, I’ve definitely mixed things up when it comes to beverages. Gone are my days of a standard cup of tea (although I do still have one every so often… I’m only human). I’m now...

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