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Parisian Food Porn

+ + + January 5, 2014

Last Paris post! And it’s all the yummy things I ate and drank in Paris. It was probably the most difficult place to follow my gluten free diet, what with all the bread and whatnot. I ate a lot of...

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When Gluten Attacks!

+ November 16, 2013

Until you know someone who cannot eat gluten, knowledge of symptoms of being “glutened” probably fly under your radar. So, I thought today I would go through what it’s like for someone (specifically, me) when they’ve ingested gluten and are...

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GF in the UK

+ October 6, 2013

Going gluten free is hard. But, so is being in pain after you eat practically anything. So, when I finally became in charge of all of my own grocery shopping, I knew it would be necessary. I’m not perfect. I’ve...

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