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The Blinky Girl’s Guide to Tubing Mascara

+ March 27, 2017

My eyes are sensitive little snowflakes. They’re always irritated and watering. I blink way more than the average person. And my eyelids themselves are oily and hooded, making eye makeup pretty challenging (plus I wear glasses so you can’t see...

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I had a Keratin treatment on my hair!

+ January 7, 2017

I’ve always had very irritating hair texture. It’s not curly enough to be nicely curly, and not straight enough to be sleek. It’s a not-very-nice uneven wave. I’ve always wanted to get it chemically straightened or something, but it’s so...

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Winter 2016 Makeup Favourites

+ December 19, 2016

Calgary is horrible for my skin. It looks awful when I visit due to a combination of extreme dryness, and the fact that I have to spend so much time in the life-sucking environment of an airplane to get here....

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