About Aisling

Hi there! I’m Aisling.

I am a web designer in my late-twenties and I currently live in the seaside hipster paradise of Brighton, England! I love it here– I guess I am a sucker for Regency-era resort towns with a considerably large gay population.

I grew up in what is basically the polar opposite: a big oil-driven city in the Conservative heartland of Canada, the Rocky Mountains on one side and 1700km of prairie on the other. It was a great place to grow up, but not really a place where I could live the life I’d always wanted. So, in the autumn of 2012 I made the crazy decision to move to the UK, and less than a year later I was settled in Brighton with a job and a little flat in the city centre.

Now I’ve been here for over three years. I live in a bigger flat with my girlfriend Katy and our Cavachon puppy Poppy. As a web designer and front-end developer, my days are spent designing and coding (yes, I created this blog layout myself).

At this point, I’m proud to have called seven different towns and cities home over my quarter-century. My favourite places to explore are big European cities and small remote islands. I love getting lost in museums– I’m a member of the V&A in London because I love art and design, but I’m also a really big history nerd. I also enjoy cooking and baking, watching documentaries for hours on end, and taking snapshots of my life

Here is a list of things I aspire to do before I die. I’m sorry to end this on a note that now has you pondering mortality.


About Anthologie

Over the years, this blog has taken many forms. I started blogging at the turn of the century, and became more serious about it around 2006. While studying in post secondary in 2011, things tapered off a bit as I focused on graduating and kickstarting my career. However, I picked up the metaphorical pen again in the autumn of 2012. While you may or may not remember me from my past blogs– aisling-b.net, dreamling.ca or aisy.ca– you may recognize this blog as a continuation of my blogs at wanderlustful.me and aisybee.com.

This blog was originally intended to be a resource for anyone looking to apply for a UK Ancestry Visa (a very small niche, I’m afraid). Then it was morphing into a bit of a travel blog, as I have a tendency to become restless and plan a new adventure every 3 to 4 months, or so. For the past year, it mainly served the purpose of relaying stories, photos and news to my friends and family all over the world. Over time I have fallen back into my general blogging habit, and with it decided a refresh was in order, shifting the focus from expat/travel blogging to something that encompasses more of my personality as a whole.

Niche blog? What niche blog?