I’m deleting my blog

November 14, 2017

Oh dear, we’re one month between blog posts.

So I’ve had a bit of an idea of what I want my next personal website to be, and it isn’t this.

While I work that out, I thought I should mention that the blog as it is will be going away. There are a few factors– a few loose ends I need to tie up. And I don’t even know exactly when I will find the time and energy to make the changes I want. But it would be safe to say that the content on this website will not be the same come 2018.

In general, I want my time spent online to be a bit more creative. I want my blog to be more personal. Less polished. More experimental. I want it to encourage me to try more things away from a computer but equally inspire me to be a bit more creative with code and web design – in a way I can’t be in my corporate job and freelance projects.

In May I will be (hopefully) becoming a permanent resident of the UK. This version of my blog started as Wanderlustful and was all about documenting the process of moving. It was half a decade ago. It was a different time.

I still love the Anthologie domain name though, and I’ve always wanted it to be something a bit more… random, and playful – a true collection of things. For a long time, I sort of fell into the commercial aspects of blogging and tried oh so hard to conform in order to be a “successful blogger.” And I feel like that overshadowed a lot of the things I actually succeed in. I’m a successful designer. I’m a pretty good writer when I’m not gushing about products and brands. I used to see a lot more promise in my photography when I was out in the wild, rather than trying to capture crisp white backgrounds with studio lighting.

Anyway, hopefully, I don’t just write this and never follow through haha. There’s a good chance of that.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Good luck with your decision and I hope you figure out what you want to do 🙂