The Nopebook Launch Party!

+ September 2, 2017

Last night I got to attend a truly awesome event as The Nopebook celebrated its launch!

If you’re not familiar with this awesome online magazine, The Nopebook is a feminist lifestyle website. They discuss important issues affecting women all over the world, as well as some fun stuff (so you can be a feminist AND get a Game of Thrones recap).

Fronted by Georgia, who is supported by a team of awesome editors, The Nopebook officially launched to much fanfare a few months ago. Last night we gathered at Boondocks in Shoreditch for feminist chats and, of course, nachos. Speakers included H Beverley, who discussed unwanted attention from the Daily Mail; Meg Veit, who had us all talking about our experiences with sex ed and the questions she receives as an educator; and Nimco Ali, who spoke of her work as an anti-FGM campaigner.

I found the speakers to be really interesting and insightful. And, of course, hearing Georgia get a bit emotional over this project she works so hard on was very sweet.

It was also fabulous to meet up with a few friends from Twitter, and make some new pals as well! Unfortunately, I did have to dash off rather quickly, as the trip back to Brighton was rather long. But I had a lovely time, and I hope The Nopebook make a habit of hosting events!

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