Being a better blogger and other life changes

August 10, 2017

What an excellent title. It’s super creative. It’s not just a summary of what I want to type at all.

Yes, I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit since May. Around that time was when I decided to start working on Pretty Content and it was hard to see how I would fit that into my life, let alone my beloved bloggy hobby.

See, I decided to start Pretty Content, and essentially give in to the voice in my head that has always told me I should be doing a bit of freelance work, as a path to my One Day dream. One day I’d like to work for myself full time. Not until after I have 1) citizenship and 2) a mortgage, but… One Day. And I figured a slow build was the way to go.

As a result, I feel a bit guilty for blogging about frivolous stuff when I could be working on building my empire. (A bit ironic, given this post I wrote about not having to always be your own boss back in April.)

But I do miss blogging. I am blogging over on the supplementary blog I’ve made for PC. That is very much a niche blog, dedicated to design, code and tech. But I miss rambly lifestyle posts and pretty pictures and feeling like a blogger.

My girlfriend, Katy, knows I miss it too. She keeps telling me I need to spend some time on it.

But it’s hard. I work full time, like most people. So between 9 and 6, I’m designing and coding for the company I work for, and that’s got to be my focus and priority. Then, I’m trying to slot in work for Pretty Content around everything else in my life.

So I’m half wondering if people (you!) would be interested in little updates on how I’m finding the micro-business life. I’d also love to know if any of you are juggling small business

I’d also love to know if any of you are juggling small business ownership with a million other things, and if we could come up with some sort of support group (on Facebook, perhaps?).

And, of course, I want to tell you about a little promotion I’m doing: 

Basically, I have a portfolio full of commercial projects I’ve done for agencies, but not very much in the freelance area. So at the moment, I’m offering discounted design for friends and friends of friends. More or less, if you tell me what you need and what your budget is, I will find a solution for you. Obviously, I can’t give you a whole branding package and website for £50, but there are some things I can do for £50, and I’m willing to be flexible and compromise a bit. It really is a bargain, and hopefully a win-win solution for all parties! If you’re interested in this, pop me an email at!

And, like I said, this extends to friends of friends, so if you know someone in the market, feel free to pass this on.

Now that I realize that I miss blogging, I suppose I can declare myself “back” and start scheduling in a bit of time to type nonsense onto this website. I think I might even have some snapshots from a recent restaurant visit or two on a memory card somewhere, so look forward to that coming soon!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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