Poppy’s First Birthday

+ May 1, 2017

Yes, this post does contain photos of my puppy, Poppy, in a party hat.

Today is Poppy’s first birthday! We haven’t had a puppy update in a while, plus I wanted to take cute pictures of her. So I went all out. I got this bunting and party hat set from Amazon, and it’s actually ridiculously cute and very high quality. The letters are each adorable, and the backs are also patterned, so you could hang it in the middle of a room and it would still look fab. I also made Poppy a little meat cake frosted with cream cheese which I think almost made up for the fact that I made her wear a party hat. Funny how me holding the cake resulted in a much better behaved pup for these pics!

It’s amazing to see how Poppy has grown, especially over the last few months. She’s a bit more chilled out. She loves walking off leash and is very good at it. She’s got the potty training down. We just need to get to work on sorting out her separation anxiety, which is still a bit of an issue. But even in that regard, she’s loads better (I can pee by myself now!).

I’m not promising birthday hat photos on every birthday, but I couldn’t not mark her first year. If that makes me a crazy dog mom, so be it!

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