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+ + April 24, 2017

It was recently my birthday which is as good an excuse as any to do a bit of shopping and over the past few weeks I’ve gathered a little collection of cute things that I thought some of you might enjoy as well!

As you may know, I am a blush pink fiend, so yes there is a running theme through this. And it’s spring so there’s also a bit of floral going on. This is where I would quote Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, but it’s such a cliché.

The Sweatshirt That Was Made For Me

The weather in the UK is a bit all over the place at the moment, which means I’m often out in a dress when it’s way too cold. The other day this happened. And I’ve been looking all over for a sweatshirt to replace my favourite one from Primark which has seen better days (simply because it’s from Primark and has lived to its very short life expectancy).

I wanted something baggy and soft and maybe to capitalize on the oh-so-trendy embroidered slogan hype.

And Topshop came through for me! Hooray!

I don’t shop at Topshop much, so this was a pretty exciting find. It’s in my signature pink, and it says the word that describes me… well, maybe not most, but a lot: Sassy.

At £35 it’s maybe a bit more than I’d usually pay for a sweatshirt that will mainly be worn on work from home days. But it’s a good one.It’s lovely and oversized and very very soft. Primark could never make anything this soft. And it feels really sturdy. The only thing is that the high collar makes me feel constrained, but hopefully my giant head will stretch it out and it will be sorted.

It also comes in lilac, if that’s more your thing.

A Whole Lot of Eye Shadow

I admit, I ordered the Natural Love palette from Too Faced as soon as it came out and I have no regrets. Yes, it’s a bit pricey. No, it’s not the best eye shadow I’ve ever used. But I am really enjoying using it. There’s not much else to say beyond that.

My favourite look is Nudie in the crease and Moonbeam on the lid. Really simple but great for work. Moonbeam wasn’t even a colour that was on my radar when I was scoping this palette out. But it’s turned out to be my favourite.

You can see from the mess on the side of this palette that it is well loved!

Pretty Temporary Tattoos

I came across the shop Magma only a few steps from my work and fell in love. There were so many amazing books and magazines and gifts and I couldn’t resist picking a few things up. My favourite thing was this book called Tatouage which is filled with the prettiest temporary tattoos. I’m sure these will be a summer staple for me.

Plus, so you don’t feel like you’re just washing away your money, the other half of the book is flower prints on cards. Super cute.

They also had non-flower versions, like one with insects and such.

Lists, Lists and More Lists!

Like many People with Anxiety, I am a person who loooooves lists. So when I saw this book in the magazine section at WH Smith I was immediately intrigued.

It’s a special feature from a magazine called Breathe, and it’s all about making lists to be Mindful and Creative or to focus on Wellbeing. It’s broken up into those sections with loads of listing activities such as your favourite films as a kid, what you’d do with a spare hour, and what your ideal career would be.

I’m really looking forward to working through some of these, especially on my more stress-filled days.

Pretty Headphones

These are actually a repurchase… but for a good reason. I’ve had these headphones for about 2 years and I have always really liked them. But they were just for at home use, usually when I was working. My other headphones that travelled with me were always falling out of my ears so I went on a quest for over ear ones.

And I just came up with these again.

They’re really comfy, have good enough sound, are white and gold and kind of nice looking, and they’re 11 quid. Yup.

The Bedding This Is All Photographed On

I got this bedding as a birthday gift from my girlfriend and it’s been making me so happy! It’s so cute and bright, with the floral and striped pattern on one side, and the black heart pattern on the other. It’s from Primark, so rush to your nearest one if you want to grab it. Such a nice, springy change from the grey one we’d been using recently!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Fifi Bukhari

    Looove the bedding. It made me go out and buy it for myself today!