Taking Back Instagram 

April 17, 2017

Oh, Instagram. We loved you. Then we loved to hate you. And now we just hate you.

This post has been in my drafts for the last 6 days but overnight the blog world has exploded with drama over bloggers buying followers.

Trying to chase an algorithm that smaller accounts can never beat is like trying to resist eating all the creme eggs I got for my birthday.

Lately I have been really trying with Instagram. I got some fab tips from lovely blogger Katy and I really have seen an improvement in engagement.

But for what? Why?

I love sharing photos, but I don’t love specifically creating content for a platform that seems to hate 99% of its users.

Bloggers and social media addicts are stretched so thin. You know how they say “the only audience you own is your mailing list”? Well, I don’t have a mailing list, but I am going to focus more on posting my best images on this blog. This blog is something I can control.

Yes, I’m sure I will still post snaps on the ‘gram, but in general I will be taking a Blog First approach.

Meanwhile, I hope this will free up some time and let me use Instagram as an inspiration board. I hope to follow accounts that really inspire me to be creative and live my best life.

And I can better support my friends who do stand a chance of “winning” Instagram.

May the odds be in your favour.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Em

    Agree with this post 100% – blog first, gram later!

  • I’m hard-pressed to devote any time to Instagram because of the new algorithm. I really loved it back when posts were in chronological order (and “posting times” made total sense), but now it’s just a big mess. I hate seeing uploads from 3 days ago but missing posts that are 5 minutes old! I wish they’d made it an option like Twitter, but alas. It is owned by Facebook after all.

    But agree that your blog should come first and Instagram after. Your blog is the content people are actively devouring! Instagram is sort of like the cool bonus.

  • I’m not terribly artsy, but love writing, so blog always comes first for me. Since using Instagram I know I have learnt a bit about photography, but the only time I can take any type of a decent photo is the weekend and to be perfectly honest, I’d much rather go and sit in a pub garden than create 10 flatlays.

    Maya | http://londondamsel.co.uk/lifestyle/makes-successful-blogger/