Niche Gluten-free Dining, London 

+ + April 13, 2017

For my birthday, Katy took me to a restaurant that I’ve been dying to try for aaaages: Niche in London.

Niche is a 100% gluten free restaurant that also has a fair few vegetarian and vegan options. It’s a bit of an allergy sufferer’s dream and I was so excited to visit!

Located near the Sadler Wells Theatre, Niche is a cozy and popular spot, so I’d recommend booking a table in advance as many people were being turned away while we were there!

The decor is subdued in grey tones and feels really relaxed and lovely. Our fellow diners were a bit posh but we didn’t feel out of place in our fairly summery clothes.

I knew I was going to go CRAZY so I thought ahead and wore a loose smock dress that could contain my food baby. And it was very necessary.

To start with, Katy and I shared the pork croquettes and parmesan doughnuts because I cannot resist having deep fried food whenever possible. It’s such a rarity in gluten free!

I tried the pork croquette first and thought it could not be topped, but then I sampled the parmesan doughnuts and it was like the clouds opened up and god spoke personally to me and said: “Aisling, go forth and eat all these deep fried cheese balls.”

So I did.

For our mains, Katy went for the duck while I opted for the chicken and mushroom pie. Katy’s allergic to mushrooms, so I basically eat them anytime we aren’t cooking together.

I tried a bit of Katy’s duck, which was the first time I’d ever had duck! The meat was very tender with warm spices. It fell off the bone and Katy really enjoyed it. She always gets duck when we order Chinese, but of course, I can never try some. Now that I’m not completely opposed to the idea of eating one, she says she will make duck for us at home. Quack.

My pie was delicious, paired with perfect mashed potatoes, a bit of Kale and a yummy onion gravy. The pastry was flaky but the pie was still able to hold its own. Gluten free baking is not known for its structural integrity so this was a pretty big deal!

The filling was creamy and delicious and the chicken was tender and flavourful.

Finally came dessert. Dessert is hard to come by in restaurants. Most chains and even many independents have a gluten free main but hardly ever a dessert.

Of course, Niche had the standard gluten free brownie that is so often the go-to gluten free sweet. But they also had crumbles, meringues and mousse, oh my!

Since we were stuffed, and it was my birthday, Katy let me choose a dessert to share. I went for the white chocolate and peanut butter Blondie with ice cream which was the perfect finish to a perfect meal. The blondie wasn’t too overbearing and I am obsessed with peanut butter. Plus the ice cream was super fresh ingredients after a rather stodgy meal!

I loved our visit to Niche and I think they definitely live up to their claim of “gluten free but you wouldn’t know it!”

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • I’ve never tried a gluten-free restaurant, but this might sway me! Everything looks so delicious. My mom generally eats gluten-free, but she has a hard time picking gluten-free options at restaurants in our city because there really isn’t anything to choose from. It’s a shame!

    Mmm…I think that dessert might be my favorite!