Ruby Tandoh’s Herbed Salmon and Ricotta Quiche

+ March 31, 2017

We’ve become major Ruby Tandoh fans in our house with Katy now working her way through the Flavour cookbook. Although we’ve had the book since it came out, what really sold it to her was seeing it on one of the VERY FEW blogs she reads, Cookbook a Month.

Seriously, I was so shocked when my Internet-avoiding girlfriend told me she religiously reads a food blog. I’m still processing.

Anyway, the other week we made the Herbed Salmon and Ricotta Quiche because Katy is a fiend for anything fishy and I love me some dill. I maybe put too much dill in for the average person, but just the right amount for me!

I did swap out the crust in the recipe for some pre-made gluten free puff pastry because life is short and I am lazy. It was nice though!

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