Gluten Free Pizza at Fatto a Mano!

+ + March 22, 2017

Being gluten free, there are times when it’s painfully obvious that you are missing out. Sure there are OK alternatives to a lot of things. But many are just imitations of the real thing.

One of the things I knew I was missing out on was Fatto A Mano, a pizzeria with two locations in Brighton/Hove. Until now, with their launch of their new gluten free base!

I was invited along to the launch last week and in turn brought along my lovely pal Laura who was already a fan of the restaurant.

(OK yes, I did misread the invite and we ended up at the London Road location instead of the Hove one. Naturally, the Hove one is closer to our homes and Laura’s workplace so it was significantly irritating. But we did make it to Hove via a taxi!)

Obviously, I had never been and Laura had actually not visited this location, I believe. I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious 3-floor layout which felt a bit eclectic but cozy. The London Road restaurant seemed considerably smaller so if I were popping in and wanted a better chance at a seat, I’d pick the Hove location.

We ordered a Caprese salad to share which was very yummy. The tomatoes were nicely seasoned and who can argue with a big ball of mozzarella?

For our mains, I went with the very meaty Capricciosa option while Laura went the complete opposite and chose the (usually) vegan Vegana option. She did swap out the vegan mozza for the regular version because again…Who can argue with mozzarella?

Compared to the regular base, Laura said it was a decent match and noted that it didn’t puff up like the wheat version, but tasted as nice.

For me, I was in pizza base heaven. It beat the bases on the high street by far, and dare I say it was better than the base I had in Rome?

The only thing is that the pizzas are all cooked in the same oven which means cross contamination city. I didn’t realize this at the time, but I did have a bit of a dodgy stomach later that night. However, I’d also had tummy issues the night before, so I can’t say if it was that or the pizza or what.

Obviously eating anywhere with coeliac disease is a risk, though. So I’d probably eat this again, just not if I had any important plans the next few days! Just in case…

If you have a low intolerance to gluten, or just want to try something new, definitely give this a shot, though! If you’re more sensitive, we can only hope that businesses that jump on the gluten-free bandwagon will extend their offerings to include safe food prep and cooking methods!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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