Beauty and the Beast Biscuits!

+ + March 14, 2017

I think every little girl in the 90s and beyond has grown up with a favourite Disney Princess, and mine has always been Belle. I’ve been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast for what feels like my whole life (I was born in ’88 and the movie was released in ’91). And now with the release of the new live-action film, it’s like being a little kid again.

I admit to being fully caught up in the hype. Emma Watson is probably my favourite famous person. A fan site I created for her after the first Harry Potter film was one of my first forays into web design. And I’ve basically been snapping up anything Beauty and the Beast related. I also wanted to do a fun little post to celebrate the film’s release this coming Friday (Katy and I have tickets for Saturday!).

I’ve combined my love of baking and Beauty and the Beast to create these biscuits (well, one of them is a cookie… although the distinction is a Britishism since I’d call them both cookies).

For my tribute to the Beast, I went for a beastly double chocolate chip cookie. But I also added butterscotch chips to the mix, for a sweet surprise to cut through the chocolate now and then. Not unlike the sweet surprises found beneath the Beast’s surly personality. (Side note: if I were turned into a beast, could everyone just keep calling me Aisling, please?)

For Belle, I needed something contrasting, so I went for a sugar cookie base with a strawberry buttercream. I know Belle’s not exactly pretty and delicate. In fact, she’s pretty bad ass. But she is kind, and she does wear some pretty nice dresses. And it’s all about contrast.

Let me know what you think of my Beauty and the Beast inspired baking!

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  • Em

    You gotta love the blog names from way back when haha! Thank you, I’m glad to be back šŸ™‚

    What a beautiful, the cookies looks amazing – and such a lovely idea! I’m usually not too fussed about watching remakes, especially if they’re going from cartoons to real actors. BUT, I must say I watched the trailer and I got goosebumps! I’m even planning on going to see it at the cinema. Have you seen the little cup from Primark (I think)? SO CUTE!