Beyond Bread Gluten Free Bakery

+ + March 13, 2017

There are 3 words that make me unbelievably happy and they are “gluten-free bakery.” There a few places in London I’ve been itching to get to, but even though I work in the big city I don’t have much time to explore. But when I needed to find a brunch place when Katy and I spent the weekend in Camden, I was finally able to tick a place off my list.

Beyond Bread has two locations and we went to their Charlotte Place location in Fitzrovia. Everything in the bakery is gluten free as the name implies. The shop itself was small but had about 6 small tables and one large one. We were seated at the large one as the others were all full, so it’s possible that you may need to wait if you go at an especially busy time.

The cafe is coeliac heaven with loads of pastries, cakes, toasties and a great brunch offering.

Katy went for avocado on toast with smoked salmon, poached egg and rocket which is one of her fave meals and helped her hangover greatly. She said it was delicious. The portion was massive and filling.

I decided to branch out of my usual pick and went for the waffles with cherry compote, pistachios and Greek yogurt. It was absolutely delicious and definitely not something I’d have thought to make for myself. However, the portion was a bit on the small side, with only what appeared to be half a waffle. The cafe did have a healthy vibe to it so it’s possible that half a waffle is supposed to be enough for me, but I could have done with more. In fact, I did have more

In fact, I did have more. I also tucked into a cinnamon roll which is one of my favourite desserts. I love cinnamon. Again, I would have loved a big doughy bun with loads of cinnamon sugar and cream cheese frosting. This one was pastry based and tightly rolled, which was still nice, but no Cinnabon.

I’d love to go back and try more. The danish looked amazing, the carrot cake with lime frosting sounds stellar, and why have I never tried halloumi on toast with my poached eggs? Safe to say I will be making a return visit!

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  • Even though I am not a coeliac I prefer to limit my gluten intake and it feels so much better when I do. I will definitely be visiting this place very soon! Great pictures x

  • Halloumi on toast? That definitely sounds like something I need to try…!