Spread Your ‘Wingz’

+ + + March 8, 2017

Hi, it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood Not-a-Fashion-Blogger here with a post that talks about clothes. I do love fashion blogs. And I love clothes. But I don’t particularly love my body. That’s a big thing to admit to the Internet. But there it is, and today I will be showing very rare glimpses of myself below-the-neck.

I was planning on doing this post like so many of those posts you see where I gush in ear-splittingly high octaves about how LUCKY I was to RECEIVE this item and how MUCH I LOVE IT and how it fits in with my PERFECT LIFE and AESTHETIC.

But my girlfriend took the photos for this and I had so many things about myself that I immediately picked apart. Which is a weird thing to feel when you’ve been photographed by someone that you know loves every bit of you?

The product in question, though, does help me a bit with my confidence! They’re called Wingz* and you might recognise them from an episode of Dragons Den. Basically, the idea is that you can add sleeves to anything! For me, in the last year that I’ve been in a relationship, I’ve definitely gone down the comfy relationship path of too many takeaways and weekends watching Netflix in bed all day. So a few of my fave outfits don’t quite fit how they used to, and in particular, I’ve felt discouraged about my arms which have always stayed relatively trim in the past!

I’m not here to say that if you dislike something about yourself cover it up because that’s just crazy! But in this case, I have this fashionable accessory that is less bulky than my usual solution of huge sweaters. I often spend the summers burning up in an attempt to cover my wobbly bits. So these Wingz are actually allowing me to remove layers and feel a bit freer and more confident!

To appeal to my edgy side I went for the black lace 3/4 sleeve version, but they come in a whole array of lengths, textures and colours. When I first wore them to work I got quite a few compliments. Including a “hey, I like your sleeves!” from someone who didn’t even know they were just sleeves.

They’re great for making a sleeveless summer dress a bit more winter appropriate or jazzing up an old outfit with a bit of a new look. From what I’ve seen on legit fashion blogs, big flowy sleeves are making a huge comeback, so if you’re looking for a little intro to the trend, pick up some Wingz!

As for my body confidence issues… well, I’m working on it. And as for the silence on this blog as of late… well, they’re not unrelated. I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who feels like they don’t fit the “ideal blogger” stereotype, but I’m definitely finding it a bit hard to fit the mould at the moment, which makes me feel like it’s time for something different. Time to go back to basics maybe.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • dad

    Still you are a very beautiful woman to me!!!

  • You are AMAZING. I have taken so many pictures of clothes that I love but when I put them off I feel so crappy about my body. Seriously you are AWESOME. There does seem to be a certain stereotype for ‘fashion bloggers’ and of late it is either extremely skinny or extremely large and nothing in between. As much as I like looking at those blogs I do often feel that my face doesn’t fit in so my pictures don’t usually include me! That is something that I want to work on very soon.

    One last time – AMAZING xx