Easy Weeknight Meals with Gousto!

+ + February 14, 2017

Hello there! I’ve taken a bit of an unintentional blogging break because I just haven’t felt inspired – In many ways. January is always such a long month, and a lot of that comes down to the amount of time between pay days following Christmas. Katy and I were basically eating like university students as we stuck to a brutal budget. It’s hard enough to feel cheerful throughout the bleakness of post-Christmas winter and add Asda Smart Price pasta sauce to the mix and it’s enough to make you want to crawl into bed until April.

Luckily, we had a bit of a reprieve when Gousto* sent along a box to try. If you’re not familiar, Gousto lets you pick a few recipes (we had a 2 meal, 2 person box) and sends you the exact ingredients to make each meal. Since January also saw the beginning of my new life of commuting to London, the idea of being able to eat something that was homemade, delicious and easy to create was like the clouds opening up and the sun shining down on us.

Because I am a nice girlfriend, I let Katy pick a meal and I picked one. Of course, being the fish fiend that she is, Katy chose the “Seabass with chive velouté sauce.” And I went for the Spanish “Chorizo stuffed chicken with roasted red peppers on black rice.”

First up for fish-freshness reasons was the sea bass. I’m not picky about fish at all, and honestly, can’t tell the different between different kinds, but Katy is a connoisseur and she was very excited that sea bass was on offer. This meal is actually super easy to make. I first prepped the Hasselbeck potatoes, then made the velouté sauce.

Oh my – velouté sauce, you guys. It was creamy and delicious and honestly, I could eat just the sauce. Like a soup or something. I’m in love with the sauce. In fact, just yesterday Katy made us a rice dish with the sauce and it was also delicious. The sauce is life, and definitely one I will be adding to my repertoire in general.

Of course, the fish was perfectly cooked (thanks, instructions! Katy says I sometimes overcook fish. How can you tell when it’s done?), and accompanied by some sautéed veggies – all in the amazing Sauce of Life.

It took barely any time, and the time it did take was just waiting for the potatoes to crisp up.

Katy and I even made this meal again for her parents. And they loved it too. I love how Gousto opened up a new food to us, and how I was able to learn how to make it, so it was even better the second time. I can definitely see myself pulling this one out of my sleeve on many occasions.

Later in the week, it was time to bust out the chorizo and stuff some chicken. Now, after the first meal, I wasn’t sure anything could top it. And to be honest… this didn’t top it. It was very yummy, of course, but it was no creamy sauce dish. And it was quite a bit more involved to make.

Still, I was surprised by it. I knew I would probably like chorizo-stuffed chicken. I loved how crispy the skin got and how flavourful the chorizo made the chicken. But the actual star of the show was the rice. I’d never really seen black rice before. Katy and I were also nervous about the amount of parsley being added. But with it, red peppers that were roasted with the chicken perched atop, and a bit of saffron – whoa. It was easily one of my favourite rice dishes I’d ever tried.

And yes, we’re planning on making it for Katy’s parents soon. I daresay these two recipes will be on rotation any time we want to impress someone with our culinary skills!

If you want to give Gousto a try, I have a little code for you which gets your first box for free! Hurray! That code is: FRESH1.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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