Healthy Food at Body Fuel Cafe, Hove

+ + + January 3, 2017

It’s that time again! Time to set some resolutions. I have probably resolved to be healthier every year for the past decade, with no real change to my lifestyle. I like chocolate and cheese, okay? But once again I am going to try to make an effort, so I was very excited when Body Fuel Cafe* opened in Hove and invited me and Katy down to try their healthy food selection!

My girlfriend Katy is an absolute salad fiend, so as soon as I told her about this place she was very excited. As implied by the name, the cafe serves food that is good for the body. Their breakfast menu has your coveted avocado on toast, and other breakfast staples, but Katy and I went for lunch. We each ordered a salad… and ended up getting very different meals indeed!

Basically, if you’ve ever dreamed of making your top salad, you will love it here. First you pick a protein (chicken, fish, halloumi, etc), then a base (your typical salad leaves, or something a bit different like rice or quinoa), six different toppings (there are loads to choose from, from dairy cheeses to veggies and of course legumes and seeds!), then pick a dressing to be drizzled on top.

Of course allowing this level of customization makes it a very good option for those of us with gluten issues. There are loads of gluten free options. I even spotted something called a “protein loaf” which said it was gluten free!

Katy went for the smoked mackerel with brown rice, then piled on loads of broccoli, sweetcorn, edamame and onion. It looked amazing.

Somehow I managed to make a much less healthy salad! I had quinoa topped with halloumi and added olives, avocado, onion, roasted veg, feta and tzatziki. Katy joked about my cheese salad. Still, better than a burger (probably).

We also each ordered one of their smoothies. I had a rather bad cold at the time so I went with a green concoction full of essential vitamins, while Katy opted for strawberry. They were delicious, of course!

We were very impressed by the food, the price, and of course the amazing service from the lovely team at Body Fuel Cafe. Katy can’t wait to go back and I am definitely a healthy salad convert!

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  • OMG the food looks AMAZING! See, if I could make food like this I would be all over healthy eating!

  • Katy’s salad looks SO GOOD! I’m not really a salad-as-a-meal person, but I’ve also never had a big hunk of fish in a salad before, which probably makes all the difference!