Niche Dog Boutique, Brighton!

+ December 28, 2016

As a puppy mom, I’m always on the lookout for things to spoil Poppy with. My best bet has seemed to be Pets at Home, but it’s a bit of a trek, all the way in quite-deep Hove. We’ve taken Poppy there to be groomed, but it’s a bus ride away, as are some of the other dog offerings in Kemptown. Until now!

Niche is a dog boutique that has just opened on Western Road at Norfolk Square for those of us who live near the Brighton-Hove divide. I must admit that I’d been holding off on getting Poppy groomed for as long as possible in anticipation of their opening. Unfortunately I caved too soon, and a week after Poppy’s haircut Niche opened its doors.

Katy and I popped in the other week while we were out running our weekend errands, and it was adorable. The shop, while small, is gorgeously laid out, and packed with all sorts of yummy but healthy looking treats… for your dog. Not for you. Don’t get excited.

We picked Poppy up some chicken sticks, which she really loved.

The lovely owner of Niche also sent us away with a little goody bag (not sponsored, just because he’s nice!) with a few other things for Poppy to try. She’s currently making her way through a packet of fishy cubes.

Plus the goody bag came with this cute Niche branded poo bag holder. And we all love and need a good poo bag holder!

Niche also has grooming services available upstairs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will definitely be trying them once Poppy’s coat gets unruly again!

As ever, it’s important to support small businesses in Brighton. The plethora of independent shops is one of the things that makes Brighton such a great place to live!

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