An Exotic Christmas in London

+ + December 14, 2016

Every Christmas since I moved to the UK, I’ve taken a trip somewhere new. I’ve been to Paris, Rome and Marrakech. This year I will be in Canada. Obviously I’ve been very lucky to be able to travel around, but I thought I’d share some ways to get that exotic feeling in London!


The French are famous for their food, but I actually couldn’t eat that much when I was there since I cannot eat gluten. But there is one thing I can usually count on and that’s macarons. But don’t jump on the Eurostar yet, there are four Ladurée locations in London. They make the prettiest macarons, not to mention this gorgeous keychain I’ve been lusting after since summer. Not to mention their beautiful cosmetics and candles.


Sure Rome has the Colosseum (pictured above), but did you know that London is also full of Roman ruins? Long before it was London, Londinium was a hub of Roman Britain. Near Tower Hill a piece of the wall that surrounded Londinium remains in tact. The British Museum houses many Roman artifacts. And the remains of London’s amphitheatre can be found beneath the Guildhall Art Gallery.


By far my favourite bit of Marrakech was when for an epic scrub. Urban Retreats* at Harrods in London have set up their own version of a Moroccan spa with a whole host of treatments to help you really relax. I’ve never felt cleaner than after a black soap scrub, so I think it’s a really great way to start a new year!


This year, I’m headed back to Canada for my first Christmas at home since 2012! I’m very excited. Still, you can get your Canadian fix in the UK by grabbing some gear from * and hitting up one of the outdoor ice rinks in London for some ice skating! Then, pop into the Maple Leaf bar in Covent Garden and warm up with some Canadian food and drink favourites. (If they have Clamato, I recommend a Caesar to warm you from head to toe.)

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