Nowhere Man’s Pancake Club, Brighton

+ + + December 5, 2016

There are so many cute little cafés in Brighton that it can be tricky to decide where to go when. Nowhere Man is an old favourite of mine, but I hadn’t been in about a year when they invited me to come try their Pancake Club offerings. Which is a bit sad, really, as it’s a short 5 minute walk from my flat. And I’ve been trying to take Katy here for ages.

nowhere-man nowhere-man1

“This is such a me place,” Katy said when we sat down.

“I know it is, that’s why I’ve been suggesting we come here.”

Nowhere Man is a really cool cafe, which also doubles as a venue during Brighton Fringe and other events it hosts. When we came in for breakfast yesterday morning they were playing Stevie Wonder. The decor is eclectic, with vintage sofas and tables of various sizes.

nowhere-man2 nowhere-man3 nowhere-man4 nowhere-man5

Katy ordered a flat white on my recommendation (they’re quite strong – perfect for when I used to take my laptop in to bash out a bunch of posts for this very blog), and I went for a hot chocolate which was sweet and delicious.

nowhere-man6 nowhere-man7 nowhere-man8

There were loads of pancake options (all American style, of course), ranging from small to large stacks, and some with more elaborate fillings. Typically I am a chocolate-banana pancake girl so this is what I ordered. Katy went for the All-American. We got both in the gluten free option so we could share.


The chocolate banana pancakes were topped with LOADS of chocolate pieces, which was a lot nicer than if it had been a sauce or a spread, in my opinion. They were as sweet as you’d expect them to be, and relatively light and fluffy (gluten free pancakes are a bit more dense than regular ones, but Katy said she couldn’t tell the difference).

The ones that really blew me away were the All American though! A stack of pancakes layered with bacon and covered with blueberry compote, the balance between sweet and savoury was killer. It also came with a bit of scrambled egg, syrup AND a bit of whipped cream – pure decadence!

nowhere-man10 nowhere-man11

I can only imagine that the All American would be the perfect hangover breakfast. If you find yourself in such a situation over the upcoming festive season, ahem.

Katy was already planning a return visit… when I’m in Canada and she has a Sunday off! Bit rude, going without me…

nowhere-man12 nowhere-man13 nowhere-man14 nowhere-man15

With plenty of tea, coffees, cakes and even a winter veg soup on offer, it really seems like Nowhere Man has everything. I even spotted some vintage board games and blankets in a corner.

nowhere-man16 nowhere-man17 nowhere-man18

It was quite quiet when we arrived around 10, but by the time we left the tables were nearly full – I think it’s getting a lot of love and soon won’t seem as much like one of Brighton’s best-kept secrets! It’s just off Western Road as well, which makes it a prime place to take a break from the chaos of the high street.

It’s safe to say with Katy now a fan of the place, and with gluten free food options available, that we’ll be taking the 5 minute trek to spend time Nowhere together.

Thanks to Nowhere Man for inviting us for breakfast! See you again soon!

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  • Chicken_Paprikash

    Looks yummy but very unhealthy.

  • Jess and Josh

    I adore Nowhere Man, one of my fave spots but you are right – it’s getting very popular!!

    Jess –

  • I was just in Brighton at the weekend but need to go back ASAP to check this place out!

  • Corinne C

    I love how it’s decorated! That ugly green sofa is actually pretty cool and I love that they have games, too.

    Corinne x

  • So… I’m making a list of like 500 places that I want to go with you next time I visit.