My Day in Pictures: Working in London

+ + + September 2, 2016

Today I thought I would post a ‘day in the life’ post, however where I would usually explain my day step-by-step, I’ve decided to let the pictures explain it for themselves.


Except for a few notes, because when have I ever been concise?

As you may know, I work from home for the most part but spend a day every two weeks or so in London. This is one of those days! But it was also one of those days in that I had a really rough evening dealing with a lot of anxiety. So although much of this must look really nice and picture-perfect, it’s worth mentioning that I spent much of the evening as a huge mess due to several full on anxiety attacks. C’est la vie.

londonday1 londonday3 londonday4 londonday5 londonday6 londonday7 londonday8 londonday9 londonday10 londonday11 londonday12 londonday13 londonday14 londonday15 londonday16 londonday17 londonday18 londonday19 londonday20

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  • Seems like a pretty great day to me!


  • Aimée Julia Cottle

    Great photos! It looks like a great day, but I can appreciate that behind the scenes may have been a totally different story. It’s easy to make things look picture perfect, even when you’re feeling like a bit of a mess! x x