The Pros and Cons of Working From Home!

+ July 26, 2016

I’ve been in a new job where I mainly work from home for over a month now. It’s certainly been a big change from office life! I know many people think of working from home as a dream come true, so I thought I’d dish out some of the pros and cons of working from home – a 30 second walk from your bed!

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Pros of working from home

Comfy clothes

Okay, it’s true. On the days I am working from home (a.k.a about 98% of my days), I really only need to be presentable from the waist up. Most days I only talk to people via Google Hangouts for about 15 minutes every morning. Of course, the safest bet is to remain somewhat clothed should a colleague pop up for an impromptu chat.

Plus I can rely on my not-the-best Internet connection to only send a low-quality image of myself to the poor person on the other end. It’s like my own personal Snapchat filter.

Short commutes

I’m supposed to maintain somewhat office hours, meaning I’m at my desk between 8:30 and 5:30 for the most part. This is a lot earlier than at my old job which saw me casually rolling in with a Starbucks a bit after our start time of 9:30. But it’s hard to complain when I can be from my bed to my desk in a couple of minutes (via the bathroom for a toilet visit and to pencil on my eyebrows, obviously).

Complete control over the office playlist

By this, of course, I mean SING-A-LONGS. I can listen to what I want, as loud as I want, and I can belt out every word as if I actually am Beyoncé. Freedom, cut me loose!  I’ma keep running, ’cause a winner don’t quit on themselves. And all that. The other day I just put on the Book of Mormon cast album and let loose.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

No more buying lunches

I was the actual worst when it came to trying to pack a lunch. There are weeks when I definitely spent over £5 per day, which is a massive expense! Now I probably pay £5 per week for my lunchie munchies. I’m partial to a peanut butter and jam sandwich, but of course, I also have the option of more decadent fare, such as pasta. The best days are when Katy makes sandwiches though. I don’t know how she does it, but she is a sandwich queen.

Easy access to unlimited tea and snacks

Of course, in addition to saving money buying lunches, I also have snacks at the ready when needed. No more mid-afternoon hangry rampages for me, as I am always within range of food. Of course, this means fewer chocolate bars scoffed down after a quick sprint to the newsagent. But, naturally, there are cons to this as well. We’ll get to that.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

A sense of accomplishment and independence

There’s something about working at home that makes you feel all hashtag boss lady. Although I am not self employed, in this role I obviously have a lot more independence and responsibility. I have to get my stuff done without the looming threat of a boss walking by and seeing my Facebook chat tab blinking with new messages. I really and truly need to manage my time. Of course, with this, I’ve also been given a lot more control over my work and my projects feel like they really are mine. There’s so much less “design by committee” when the committee can’t be in the same room (and in several cases are not even in the same country!).

Working from home gives you a chance to really “own” your work. There’s nothing better than knowing you completed your checklist at the end of the day when, technically, you could have accidentally fallen into a void of Wikipedia articles. Speaking of which, have you ever read the article on sexually active popes?

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Cons of working from home

Trying to stay motivated

As much as I can wax poetic about the sense of worth and accomplishment that comes from managing your own time and getting sh*t done, there are days when it’s hard. There are days when it’s sunny and warm and you know nobody would really know if you popped out to the beach for a bit. There are days when your puppy has kept you awake all night and you would kill for a late afternoon nap. And there are days when there’s no way in hell I want to design a single damn thing unless my boss is breathing down my neck and holding a gun to my head. (A Nerf gun, obviously.)

When these things happen, it can be tempting to pack it in. But you can’t. You have an obligation to treat your job like your regular office job. And it’s a slippery slope. Working from home needs routine. Change from that routine and the next thing you know you’ve missed all your deadlines.

Pros and Cons of Working fro Home

A lot of alone time

I am a very social person, and that is one of the reasons I never thought remote work would be for me. I’m the type who likes office banter and just being around humans in general. Now, I spend a lot of time alone. Obviously, I work all day. Katy is around in spurts, but I can’t socialize too much with her anyway. In eliminating my lunches out and commute, I also spend most of my day in my flat. Going out takes a conscious effort. As does speaking to people.

For an extrovert like myself, it can be tricky. This is one of the reasons I thought it was the right time to finally get a puppy. Even having her sleeping at my feet makes me feel a lot less lonely. Obviously I am not saying “if you work from home, you should make a 12+ year commitment to owning a living animal!” But I am saying that you will need to work a lot harder to not become a recluse!

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Too much unlimited tea and snacks

Ah, the double-edged sword. Yes, there are tea and snacks always at the ready, but there are also tea and snacks always at the ready. Which means I could, essentially, sit at my desk all day munching away on the entire contents of my cupboards. Combine this with the fact that I have no commute, which means no forced exercise, I could be well on my way to being King-Size Homer.

So, I have to watch my diet pretty closely and be sure that I am limiting snacks and finding more ways to move around during the day. To be honest, I’ve not been great with this so far, which has left me sluggish both physically and mentally. However, tonight Poppy gets to start going on walks! Between her and a growing obsession with Pokemon Go, I should be set up for some good chunks of walking.

Pros and Cons of Working fro Home

Do you or have you ever worked from home? What are your pros and cons? If you were given the opportunity to work remotely or become self employed would you take it?

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The pros and cons of working from home whether it be remotely for a company or self-employed.

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  • I work from home occasionally too, and I agree about the unlimited snacks and drinks – which is a big distraction.
    It is great working from home, but like you said, its nice having others around to talk too as it can get a bit lonely working on your own x

  • I go through patches of working from home due to the project based nature of my job – at the moment I’m about 75% working from home. I think it’s nice to have the mix, because I’m the same as you in that I can easily get to the end of the day and realise I’ve not moved from my chair all day! I’m a huge introvert so I don’t miss people tooooo much, but after a while even I get cabin fever. However, with video calling increasing in quality and prevalence, I wonder if that will be a problem for long.

  • This is a great post! It really puts working from home into perspective. Working from home is something I hope to be able to do eventually.

    xo, Liz

  • I worked from home for most of last year and at the moment I tend to do 2 days at home and 3 days in the office which is my ideal balance. I do love it for the freedom and comfort but I totally struggle with keeping active and social enough – I actually for the fitbit when I was working from home to finally encourage me and I’d always go for a walk at lunch and a long walk at the end of the day to clear the cobwebs, otherwise you will get stuck in a hole! I also find it quite hard to *stop* working, as it will be 5.30 and I’ll just turn the TV on but keep working anyway which is something that is hard to switch off to!!

  • I also work from home, and I can relate to every one of these! I try to “get dressed” for work every morning or at the very least get out of my pajamas, but some days, it’s so hard. My favorite part of remote work is definitely freshly cooked lunch each day. I’ve saved a good bit of money just cooking instead of dining out and also not commuting. 😀 I do miss the structure of an office sometimes and being able to separate work from home, but I think remote work is better overall. 😛

  • I think I would struggle to work from home. I worked for home for a few days during the year that I was working in the States but on those days I barely got any work done because I was so distracted. I like the separation of work and home life and I tend to need other people working around me in order to stay focused. That being said, I think it would be nice to have the option to work from home a day or two a week, just for a bit less office stress. I’m currently studying to be a translator and it makes me a bit nervous that most translation is done freelance, aka from a home office. If I have to do that it will take a huge amount of adjusting but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

    Danielle |

  • I work from home once a week, and work in the office twice a week, currently. Before that I was working from home twice a week. I prefer to be in the office, I love the office banter. Plus, the company I work for are super relaxed. We often have pizza days where we order Dominos. We go sit out on the hill and have a beer. I would miss all of that if I worked completely at home. I do always look forward to my WFH days though – PJ’s, Pretty Little Liars on in the background for company, and unlimited tea and snacks. Plus on demand cuddles with my cat. Yay! x x

  • Alyssa

    I’ve always wanted to work from home but on my own schedule so then I could get plenty of exercise. That said, I am not so social so me getting out of the house is a good thing! I appreciate going to work and meeting new people just because normally that wouldn’t happen. That’s the only thing stopping me from working from home at this point!

  • Loved this post. I’m more or less working from home at the moment whilst I find work and it’s been incredibly lonely at times. I am dying for a pet!

  • This is so interesting to read 🙂 As an introvert, I would actually put the ‘a lot of alone time’ as a pro haha XD I’ve never worked from home before but if I did, I think I’d struggle with keeping myself motivated and focused! I’m so easily distracted T.T | THAILAND IN 3 MINUTES

  • I never thought about working from home for I would go crazy. However, lately it has been an idea my husband has been thinking about me doing since I am due to have a baby any day. He believes it will be cheaper for us and I wouldn’t have to be away from the baby. Having pets does help with the loneliness. I have two dogs, and they certainly keep me entertain except in the afternoon when they want to sleep in another room. Anyways, I loved this post. It really gave me an insiders view on what it is like to work at home. Maybe now my husband will understand when I say I want to go back to work, he won’t have so many cons to push me away from that idea.

  • Working at home sounds like heaven to me. I’m really leaning forward to doing it sometime soon. 😀