Against The Grain, Camden Market

+ + + June 5, 2016

The gluten free food train keeps on rolling here at Anthologie. May is the month that features Coeliac Awareness Week so I was given a lot of opportunities to check out some gluten free food and whatnot. Camden Market invited me down for their bi-annual gluten free festival, and of course, I jumped at the chance to be their guest!


I have visited the festival before, and found it to be slightly underwhelming, however, Camden has really upped their game this time around! The festival came back with a new name: Against The Grain. And with the new name and branding came a larger array of vendors, which made me very happy indeed.

I met up with gluten free blogger extraordinaire Loriley and a group of other gluten free bloggers, and we started off the afternoon with a little drink and picked up a few bits from the Camden Market team to help us navigate the many food options.

against-the-grain-camden2 against-the-grain-camden3

We then watched a demonstration from Lisa Roukin of My Relationship with Food who made the yummiest Decadent Coconut Brownies which reminded us all of Bounty Bars (a firm favourite of the gluten free crowd as they are the gluten free option in the box of Celebrations).

against-the-grain-camden4 against-the-grain-camden6 against-the-grain-camden5

Then we went off to wander the stalls. Hashtag foodporn, anyone?

against-the-grain-camden7 against-the-grain-camden15 against-the-grain-camden14 against-the-grain-camden13 against-the-grain-camden12 against-the-grain-camden11 against-the-grain-camden10 against-the-grain-camden9 against-the-grain-camden8

To wrap up the day, I had one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. I’m serious. Camden provided us each with a voucher to treat ourselves to lunch at any of the food stalls participating in Against the Grain. Naturally I went for the stall with the longest queue, both due to the popularity and the delicious smell at the end of it.


The food was from a stall called Feed Me Primal. Feed Me Primal is paleo street food. On a massive grill, founder Gemma expertly cooked meat and veggies, combining them with a delicious flavoured cauliflower rice, and topping them with tomato sauce, peppers, red onion, salad, sour cream and… cheese!

against-the-grain-camden17 against-the-grain-camden18against-the-grain-camden19

At first, I had my heart set on the chicken, but they sold out while I was waiting. I considered my options for a minute and then decided to stay in the queue and go for the beef. And there were absolutely no regrets here. Absolutely delicious!

The party did not stop there, as I made sure to grab a pizza from The Lab before I made my way back to Brighton. The first time I had encountered them, I made the rookie mistake of waiting until later in the day to go and pick one up, and they sold out. This time, I knew that couldn’t happen, so I made a direct beeline and a swift purchase.

against-the-grain-camden20 against-the-grain-camden22 against-the-grain-camden21

It was just as delicious as I remembered!

Make sure you keep your eyes open for the next gluten free food festival at Camden Market, which will hopefully be happening in autumn. You can follow Camden Market on Twitter, or even follow me if you’d like, and I’m sure we will pass on the message!

Disclaimer: Camden Market kindly invited me to Against the Grain and gave me a little bag of goodies as long as my aforementioned lunch of amazingness. Of course, all the opinions here are my own.

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Camden Market in London has many gluten free options, some of which are showcased during their bi-annual Against The Grain Gluten Free Food Festival!

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  • Hanna

    All the food looks so good! –Hanna Lei

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  • This looks like such a fab day out! Your blog is absolutely beautiful by the way!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  • “Against the grain” is a great name, haha! Everything looks amazing! It would’ve been nice to have so much gluten-free food in one place to choose from.