Happy 40th Birthday to The Body Shop!

+ + + March 27, 2016


The Body Shop was the first place I ever bought makeup from way back when I was a teenager. My friends and I loved it there; I think every girl had the Born Lippy lipgloss at some point. Now, many moons later, I actually live in the town where it all began. I walk by the site of the original Body Shop on my way to work. And last week I was invited to a blogger event at the Brighton store to talk about the Body Shop’s 40 years committing to natural and ethical cosmetics, and to celebrate the recent refurb of their store on North Street.

The new store looks amazing. It’s so much bigger and brighter than the old one, and feels a lot more luxurious and spa-like. It also features a large make up section with lit up mirrors and selfie sticks, so you can try out a new look and take a snap to remember it.

bodyshop1 bodyshop3 bodyshop4

Alongside the new look are, of course, all of your old favourites, including the obligatory massive wall of body butters. The Brighton store also features a display of some legacy Body Shop items, allowing a quick snoop through the company’s history.

bodyshop5bodyshop6 bodyshop7 bodyshop8

We also got to chat about the Body Shop’s latest campaign: Enrich Not Exploit (It’s in our hands). The commitment is to work with farmers to ensure all products are fair trade, to work to make products more sustainable and to reduce the environmental footprint left by the company, with initiatives to ensure that packaging uses fewer fossil fuels and to use non-carbon based energy to power the stores by 2020.

bodyshop12 bodyshop13

They also are addressing how this works within their parent company, L’Oreal. Well known in the beauty world for going against many of the Body Shop’s ideals, both L’Oreal and the Body Shop have been under a bit of scrutiny since the former acquired the latter. But the Body Shop is addressing this issue by seemingly leading by example, to reinforce L’Oreal’s own plan to become more sustainable before 2020.

bodyshop9 bodyshop11 bodyshop10

At the end of the night, I was lucky enough to take away a few products to try. I’m very excited to try the Oils of Life night cream, as my current nighttime moisturizer favourite is the Vitamin E oil. And my girlfriend and I are body butter hoarders, so I’m pleased to be adding the British Rose body butter to our collection!


Thanks very much to the Body Shop for inviting me to this event… here’s to another 40 years!

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  • Your photos are sooooooo crisp! What camera did you use?
    Was nice seeing you again!

    • Hi Jessica! It was great seeing you too! My camera is the Canon G7X 🙂

  • Arwen

    Your photos look great! I always loved the Body Shop’s body butters and all the yummy scents they came in!

  • This looks like such a cool event! I love the Body Shop and always feel good buying from them because of their business ethics, and am happy to know that they’ve always had such a strong commitment to them.

    Kate | girlinthebluejacket.blogspot.com