+ March 23, 2016


I love a good opportunity to get together with my fellow bloggers, however it usually involves a trek up to London and back. Obviously I love a trip to the city as much as the next person, but it’s nice to just have a chilled morning, no travel apart from walking, and then spend the afternoon with a group of lovely local bloggers.

Such an event happened last week with the #BtonBlogMeet organized by Laura of Lola and Behold. Myself and around 30 other bloggers gathered in The Globe pub on Saturday afternoon to have a chat and explore some new brands.

The scene upon arrival was pretty funny, with the majority of the pub being occupied by scruffy loud men. Cue the arrival of all of us, dressed up in typical blogger fashion, armed with cameras and mobile phones at the ready.

The event was really laid back, with opportunities to mingle. I especially loved the display from the shop Homage, up near Seven Dials. I want basically everything in the shop… especially this tote bag!

btonblogmeet btonblogmeet2

At the end we came away with a massive gift bag. So massive that I had to take the bus home, because I did not think I would be able to carry it from near the seafront to my flat in almost-Hove! The girlfriend and I have already gone through it and made claims on our favourite items. Some of them should make an appearance on this blog at some point!


It was lovely to see everyone and thanks to Laura and all of the sponsors for allowing the event to take place!

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