Canon PowerShot G7X First Impressions

+ July 12, 2015


Let’s cut to the chase: I bought a new camera. It is the Canon PowerShot G7X. I have a few cameras in my possession. My most used one until now has been the one on my trusty iPhone 5. It does a good enough job, but is not always reliable due to its love of dying midway through any day trip I take. My DSLR is a very nice Canon Rebel T3i. If I am shooting a video at home or planning a day of hardcore photography and nothing else, this is what I bring along.

When I have to travel light I have a Canon PowerShot SD1400. It can best be described as “meh.” I took it to Rome and its photos were meh. I used it to vlog a few weekends ago and its videos were meh. And that’s why it is being replaced with the lovely Canon PowerShot G7X.

I’ve only had this bad boy since Monday (so, just under a week), but I already love it so much that it’s practically become my baby. And only the fact that I want to get my damage deposit back on my flat is keeping me from chucking the SD1400 into a wall. Hard. Maybe I could throw it into the sea, never to be seen again.

Life is too short for poor camera quality, people!

DSLR quality photos in my pocket

Yup. I have a DSLR and now I have the bundle of joy that is the G7X and okay it isn’t a DSLR so it doesn’t have quite the same amount of precision, but it is pretty darn close. I will always love my DSLR, but just the fact that I can much more covertly snap pics and discretely stash this camera in my bag makes it a winner in my book (not that I am a spy or anything…).

Also it has a selfie screen

The LCD screen flips up so you can see yourself for the perfect selfies (or vlogs that are focused every time!). A moveable screen also helps with getting those slightly more interesting angles.

I changed my Instagram bio for the first time

Since I got Instagram my bio has said something about “enjoying hipster filters almost as much as I enjoy documenting my life in photographs.” But I had to change it. Because ever since I’ve got the G7X, my Instagram photos have been taken using it, and there are no filters or editing required. I take a photo, upload it and post it. No more boosting the brightness for me! And now everyone will have to stop making jokes about how I only use Valencia.

It has WiFi

Oh, yeah. Want to know why it’s so easy to use my high quality point and shoot camera on Instagram? Because it has WiFi. I connect my phone to its network and use an app to download pictures and BAM. Also the app can be used as a remote for shooting photos. Also it makes me breakfast every morning. (Okay, maybe not the last one.)

There is also a desktop version of the software. It’s all quite ugly, but I suppose you can’t have everything.

I’m pretty sure my days of playing the “where on Earth is my SD card” game are over.

Shut up and show us some G7X pictures, Aisling!

Wow, bossy.

Here are some photos that I have uploaded from aforementioned ugly software and placed here for you to look at, without any editing.

Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X Canon PowerShot G7X

No, of course, Canon has not paid me to write this. Canon doesn’t know that I exist. If Canon would like to pay me, that would be okay though, because this guy will put you back around £400.

I still think it’s worth it, though, and I’m looking forward to really putting it to the test when I am in Canada next month!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Ellie Adams

    Girl, I LOVE the way you write… so funny. I was toying between this and the s120 but went for the lower option (thinking of the pennies) this looks amazing 🙂


    • I was a bit sneaky and actually used money from my Canadian account (which is for emergencies) to purchase the camera. So Canadian Me will have to deal with the fallout if I ever get stranded somewhere or something and don’t have any money. And British Me can take really crisp selfies of myself being stranded without any money and post them on Instagram!

  • I’ve heard a lot of good things about this camera, and your post is the most convincing of all! I’m amazed by the quality. I am in love with my DLSR but its weight and size sometimes get on my nerves. This is a great alternative when you want to “travel” light.

    Checking out your YouTube channel right now. 🙂

    • See… Canon should pay me. 😉 I love my DSLR too, but it’s not practical when on the go!

  • Wow, those photos are gorgeous. I’ll have to keep my eye on this camera for when I have the money (and need) to buy a new, good camera.

    • Thank you! I definitely recommend playing with one.

  • I’ve got the Sony RX100 m3 and it’s similar to yours – small, compact, technically a point and shoot with the capability of a DSLR. Selfie screen, wifi, the whole deal. Yes it’s a little pricier than a normal point and shoot, but you’re getting DSLR quality photos with something that you can actually just throw in your handbag and take with you everywhere!

    • Yeah it’s definitely great for me because I like to take photos everywhere I go and there’s nothing worse than something that looks okay on your phone but looks crappy when enlarged.

  • Oohh, this camera has been on my wishlist FOREVERRRR. I contemplated getting a DSLR but now I’m deciding between this and a mirrorless camera. If only I could win the lottery, or something…

    • I can’t really praise this one more. Love it.

  • Woo it sounds awesome! I totally want a camera with wifi. It’s on the wishlist!! x

  • this looks absolutely amazing, especially for how compact it is! does it come with a manual focus?

    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

    • It does have a manual focus option, although I’ve not quite sorted it out yet (the ring on the front of the camera deals with shutter speed and aperture so it doesn’t work in quite the same way?). It also has a macro setting.

  • Jennifer Jayne

    I want, and need this camera.

    Jenn |

  • Looove this! I’ve got the Powershot SX710 HS which I’m loving too, but it doesn’t have the flipscreen. Still pretty ace though! ALL HAIL THE CANON POWERSHOT CAMS! <3

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • I’ve mainly used the flipscreen to get cooler angles with my photos so far, so I’m excited to do a blog. But I probably won’t until August.

  • phoebe davies

    Wow the pictures you have taken with it are amazing! x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

  • Wow! Now I can understand why everyone is raving about this camera! The picture quality is stunning!

  • Awesome. I love cameras. Your post doubles as a powerful advertisement for the PowerShot G7X, but I’m okay with my phone, DSLR (and other cameras) for now… ^^ Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying your Instagram. Please keep posting photos. I also admire your no filter-ness. Perhaps, it’s the perfectionist in me, but I edit everything at least a little bit.

    • It’s kind of hard to not want to edit photos brighter for me but I’m getting used to it.

  • have same camera and like it much, great camera and i love vloging or making videos to youtube with it and to blog, its good that it is light and almoust like Dslr, that are so heavy and chunky

  • April

    When I bought my Sony RX100M3 it was a toss up between this guy and the Sony. They were both excellent but the only thing that put me over was that the Sony was a bit more pocketable. I have to agree that Canon has really done a great job with this camera!

    P.S Loving the InstaCollage at the top of your blog!

    • Yeah I saw reviews of both but I am such a Canon girl. And I mainly don’t even wear clothes with pockets so that was a non-issue for me!

  • These photos are beautiful, I love the carousel photo!

  • Love these photos you took. Canon cameras are always such great quality. I use Sony cameras myself and the flip screen is so handy!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • I am hoping to test out the flip screen a bit more when I’m in Canada in August, maybe do a few blogs. It’s definitely great for getting different angles in my photos though!

  • It’s my first time on your blog and I’m laughing at everything you’re saying, haha. The photos look great and that’s withOUT editing?! I do need to invest in a wi-fi enabled camera soon and this one sounds awesome! But £400? Uh, Canon, help me out here?

    May | THE MAYDEN

    • Yeah, it was pricy. I took money from my Canadian account so Canadian Me paid for half. 😉 I think it’s worth it if you’re able to make the investment though!

  • pinkbow

    i’m hearing so much buzz about this camera. the pics are really good, so thanks for the review 🙂

  • No more filters?? That’s a bold statement. These photos look amazing though, great investment. I hadn’t heard anything about this camera before now but I WANT.
    M x

    • I used to use a lot of different filters. Then I used ONLY Valencia. Then I used the Brightness and Contrast filters in Instagram. Now I am down to just using this camera. It’s really magic!

  • La Travelera

    Small camera and got really beautiful pictures, it sound really good, I love Canon Xx
    Join my Giveaway in my blog and you could win a free week holiday in Turkey!! ❤️

    • I always buy Canon. I’ve only ever been disappointed by the one I mentioned in this post like I want to throw into the sea.

      • La Travelera

        Lol i didnt understand what u meant with meh! I see Now but the pictures You uploaded look Good, i may dont understand Well about cameras but i just Wanted one small one like that, i dont know i may go for a small olympus instead…

  • Wow. The camera produces very beautiful photos. It’s sometimes inconvenient to carry the heavy DSLR, so ithe Canon powershot g7x is definitely neccessary.

    • It’s not the lightest thing, but it’s definitely lighter than a DSLR and I like that it still has a bit of weight to it because it males it feel sturdy.

  • Oh this must be so nifty for a blogger! I want one now! It must be so easy to carry around too. And i get what you mean with the whole brightness thing on Instagram, phone pictures are just never the same.
    Have a great humpday 🙂

    • It’s great! I throw it in my bag so it’s always there, and I picked up an extra battery the other day too.

  • lauragale94

    Lovely post! You had me right til the end when you told us the price haha, I was so up for buying one!xx

    Laura |

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  • Laura

    Lovely pics and review. I just discovered your blog today from Instagram. Can’t wait to read more! Xx

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  • YASS I’ve been thinking about getting this for a while now (that or the g16, because that has a larger zoom range…but no flip out screen :() because I’m getting tired of lugging my DSLR with me these days. I just want something lightweight with DSLR quality, damnit! I feel like so many vloggers/bloggers have the g7 now though, but it is a solid camera.

    I like this model, but I’ll still wait for Canon to release a new camera in their G series.

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  • Really interesting post! I nearly bought this camera last month, but went for the Olympus Pen in the end. I think they are equally as good though! 🙂

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

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