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I am Aisling, a 20-something year old web designer and blogger based in Brighton, England. Originally from Canada, I made the hop over the pond in June 2013.

Anthologie is my little place on the web. It is the mash up of several blogs over the years. Originally I used this space to discuss moving abroad and becoming an expat. Now the focus is decidedly of the “lifestyle” genre, with a focus on gluten free food and travel. Basically, wherever I go and what ever I eat, I will bring you along for the ride!

I hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to getting to know you better!

- Aisling

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EarlyBird Snack Boxes… Can they Survive?

Posted on under the categories Food, Gluten Free, Reviews

Ah, the elusive snack box with gluten free options. How I loved receiving a few select products to try each month when the afternoon munchies hit. Sadly, they always let me down. Can EarlyBird Snack Boxes be the answer?

My first gluten-free snack box came from a company called Snackly. They sent me delicious things for several months, and I found a few bits and bobs that I came to LOVE. But nobody’s heard a peep from them since January. Their Twitter is like a deserted street with a tumbleweed blowing through. It seems their competition at the time, Crave, have gone one step further, having completely obliterated their online presence. 

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Lovely Sunday #1: Good things and online favourites.

Posted on under the categories Beauty, Lovely Sunday, Personal, Poppy

Being a puppy mom has been busy. In many ways, this is a good thing. But I don’t want to necessarily lose all of my free time and hobbies to Poppy. Over time she will become calmer and more self-sufficient, and I don’t want months of this blog to slip away. So, I’m making a conscious effort to keep this site active, and one way I thought to do that was with some Lovely Sunday posts.

I’m such a big fan of positive roundup posts, such as Katy’s Happy Mondays and Jasmin’s 10 Happy Things, among other similar ones. So here is mine.

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We got a puppy!

Posted on under the categories Personal, Photos, Poppy

Introducing our new Cavachon puppy, Poppy!

Hello hello hello! I know last week was a bit quiet on the blogging front, but I was anxious. See, while Katy was away at Glastonbury I got a bit lonely. And this lead to some late night Pinterest. And that lead to my Puppies pin board.

At first, I was really into Cavapoos and Cockerpoos, as they’re so curly and cute, like little teddy bears. Then I was looking at Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – one-half of a Cavapoo. And I looked at Cocker Spaniels. And then I remembered I live in a rented flat and didn’t actually have permission to get a pet.

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The New EDITED in Brighton!

Posted on under the categories Brighton, Photos

There are some shops that are just so Brighton. And Edited is one of them. Originally located in a tiny shop in North Laine, this is one I’ve always loved, but sort of dreaded going into because it was tiny. And to see all of the cool offerings involved going up some stairs.
That makes me sound super lazy, but actually, it just made me feel a bit claustrophobic at times.

Still, I was sad when I walked by Edited in Brighton a few weeks ago and it was gone! Where did it go?

I found my answer last weekend when I was wandering around the Lanes before meeting some friends for coffee.

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Three Years in the UK and the EU Referendum Vote

Posted on under the categories British Things, Personal

Three years ago today, I stepped off a plane and into a new life. I had come to the UK to give myself a chance at something bigger and better than what I had waiting for me in my little Conservative homeland. I wanted an adventure. I wanted to expand my horizons. I wanted to meet new people and understand what it was like to embrace a new culture.

Three years on, and I feel I have done these things. And in doing them, I have started to settle. Not in the bad way that one settles for a stale relationship or for whatever chocolate they can find in the house instead of going out and buying something truly delicious.

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The BEST Gluten Free Roast: The Farm Tavern, Hove

Posted on under the categories Brighton, Food, Gluten Free, Photos

I know, you might be thinking “woah, Aisling, that is a big claim.” And it is. But I stand by it. I will fight to the death defending the Farm Tavern’s gluten free roast… but I don’t have to.

It’s not just me who loves this pub, which fairly recently was taken over by new owners and restored to the glory it is enjoying today. Every time I go here, the place is packed. And not just with gluten free foodies, although there are certainly a fair few of us.

I found out about the Farm Tavern when my lovely girlfriend Katy and I first started dating.

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Friction Free Shaving did not send me their product to try… but I am reviewing it anyway!

Posted on under the categories Beauty, Reviews

Friction Free Shaving has been making the rounds, being sent to several bloggers… but I was not one of them. Instead, I heard of them from one of these blogs and thought “I want this.” Within a few minutes of reading about them, I’d signed up to receive my first month. Yesterday I received my second month, so what better time to pop up a little review?

Friction Free Shaving came into my life when I needed it most. In the past few months, I’ve been having a bit of a shaving existential crisis. Before Katy, I spent a while being single. And while I don’t shave for others, it definitely falls down the priority list when I’m not in a relationship.

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Canon PowerShot G7X Nearly One Year Later

Posted on under the categories Photos, Reviews

It’s coming up on the one-year anniversary of my purchase of the Canon PowerShot G7X. Back when I got it, I posted a review which has been one of my top posts on my blog! Back then I was in love, but how has the G7X held up?

Well, just to be fair to my glowing review, I’m going to just jump in and let you know what I dislike about the Canon PowerShot G7X. And, unfortunately, there are a few things that would likely prevent me from repurchasing this camera (if for some reason I had to do that).

It doesn’t handle low light well. Read more

So, I’m no longer redundant.

Posted on under the categories Personal, Work

That was quick. Here I had planned to really settle down, work on some goals and take it a bit easy while I looked for a job. But life had other plans.

Obviously, I am not complaining at all. Long story short, I had several interviews, got some code tests, got some offers and whatnot. Most of the roles were really development-based and probably something I would have enjoyed.

However, I ended up accepting an offer for a UI design role with a startup based in London. Which is very exciting because Design is my preferred field. The startup works on a product, so it will be different than working in an agency with lots of clients, and should be really interesting.

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My Picks for the Gluten-Free Brighton Awards!

Posted on under the categories Brighton, Food, Gluten Free

June is a pretty exciting month for the gluten free community in Brighton. It is the Gluten-Free Brighton Awards, hosted by The Gluten Free Dining Guide.

We’re lucky to have such a valuable resource in Brighton. Now it’s time to have our own say in who does the best for gluten free in the city (and its outskirts in one very notable case).

Not that you asked, but I thought that I would share my picks for the winner in each category. Then you can use my biased opinion to go vote for your favourite Gluten Free food in Brighton!

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