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What I Got in My #BoxofLame!

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I am a stationery fiend. I live under mounds of it. Notebooks, pens, post-its– you name it. My girlfriend is constantly finding notebooks I’ve only used two pages in (and then actually finding a purpose for them. And then scoffing when I bring home three more).

I think the idea behind Box of Lame by thatlamecompany is great. It gives me a few little bits and bobs so I can try different things, get a few cute prints and support a small (but growing!) business. When my box arrived, I tore into it excitedly while Katy looked on and said “yup, I can see why you got this– it’s so you.” And, yes, it’s true, I love every bit.

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New Leon Restaurant in Brighton!

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When I started working in London I finally had a chance to try Leon. Billed as “naturally fast food” I was still shocked to find how much of their menu is gluten free. Including the desserts. I loved it so much that I excitedly tweeted to them that I would singlehandedly keep a restaurant open in Brighton. And they replied to me telling me to wait. Well… the wait is over!

Today I was invited to the opening of the new Leon Restaurant in Brighton which replaces Eat. I think this is a brilliant swap as Eat was far too similar to its neighbour Pret. But Leon is quite different in that it offers warm, hearty food.

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Feeling Motivated

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Things have not been 100% Sunshine and Lollipops lately. They haven’t been bad, but I’ve been dealing with anxiety again (as mentioned a few times) and it’s been impacting me a lot. This week, though, it seems as though the cloud has lifted a bit. I thought I’d share a few bits that are making me feel a lot more motivated and what I am doing to get out of this funk.

Setting Goals

There’s nothing like the clearing of anxiety to encourage you to make some concrete plans to stay happy and motivated. So one of the things I have been doing is thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next little while.

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