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Making a fancy dinner at home!

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A while back I was sent my choice of recipes from gourmet chefs to try to recreate at home. Katy chose from the list because I am a nice girlfriend. Then she periodically reminded me I said I would make it, and I kept ignoring her, because I am a mean girlfriend. This past weekend we both decided to be nice girlfriends and make the meal: Katy provided the groceries and was my fabulous prep chef, and I was responsible for the actual cooking of the meal. So, how did we do?

The recipe in question was provided to us by The Four Seasons Hotel in Perthshire.

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3 Ways to Enjoy Matcha Tea

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Since I began working from home, I’ve definitely mixed things up when it comes to beverages. Gone are my days of a standard cup of tea (although I do still have one every so often… I’m only human). I’m now drinking smoothies, lattes, juices, teas… It’s fun to learn new drinks to DIY. Working from home means I often need a little pick me up whether it be in the form of sugar or caffeine when the afternoon lull hits. One of my recent holy grail finds is Kineta Matcha Green Tea.*

Matcha tea is like magic pixie dust. It’s loaded with caffeine, to keep you alert and focused, without the post-coffee crash.

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Favourite Food Instagram Accounts

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I love food. I’m sure that goes without saying, but I. love. food. And since I can’t eat food every second of the day, so the next best thing is hashtag food porn. There’s also a lot of food that I can’t eat for gluten reasons, so the next best thing is hashtag food porn. And I don’t live everywhere in the world to try different cuisines, so the next best thing is hashtag food porn.
You get the idea.

Here are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts that post a lot of food for all your hashtag food porn needs. I definitely recommend you check them out for some inspiration and droolworthy food ideas.

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Inside My Bathroom Lush Basket

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Every winter I go Lush crazy. My bathtub at this flat isn’t as big as at my last one, and I now take baths with a small dog crying outside (to keep her from jumping in). This one was no different, apart from the fact that this year I work part time in London, which means proximity to the Lush Oxford Street store, which meant after work splurge. It got to the point where Katy actually created a designated basket for my Lush products. Now our bathroom smells like Lush 24/7 (and we have to keep Poppy from trying to eat it for that amount of time as well!). Read more

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